Comfort shoe days

Comfort shoe days in your shop - the individual foot analysis for your customers

Many customers do not know that their feet change over the years and they often buy the wrong pair of shoes. We think that shouldn’t be like this! Thanks to the 2D foot scanner, we can quickly and easily find out all the important features of the foot without complications. Knowing these characteristics is very important for choosing the right shoe and this contributes significantly to the daily quality of life.

We offer our retailers to host comfort shoe days in their shops. For this we provide the 2 D foot scanner which can measure the exact shoe size and shoe width.

Even feet deformities such as flat feet, hollow feet and much more can be seen by the foot scanner. One of our field service supports your shop actively on this day and gives the customers useful tips about the foot. Please contact our field service if you would like to host a comfort shoe day in your shop.

Foot scanner gives conclusions about foot health
Solidus foot scanner for comfort shoes days
Foot scanner Consultation by the field service


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