Wedding shoes with a difference

A smile from the bottom of my heart, a look at the magical dress and the warm words of all guests. The wedding is for many couples the most beautiful and important day in life. To enjoy the day as perfectly as possible, everything has to sit, the hair, the cake and most importantly the shoes!

In addition to traditional pumps we know a variant that does not lead to aching feet: Sneaker. It sounds weird at first but after we had tested the wedding sneaker, we are thrilled.

white Sneaker wedding
white wedding dress and flowers

To enjoy the most beautiful day to the fullest, our bride told us about how she enjoyed the day with our sneakers.

"I wear my sneakers to all outfits, whether in the spare time to jeans and dresses or at work in combination with my business suit. I think sneakers always fit perfect. When I got married in summer last year, I did not have to think twice about which shoes I would take as a pair of second shoes to the wedding.
In addition to the classic wedding shoes, I could not think of a pair of shoes with which I could have fun and enjoy the party for so long, as with my beloved sneakers. I danced into the wee hours and felt great, not only in the evening but also the next day. My advice to all brides: All high heels can look so beautiful if your face reveals something else. In the sense: Have courage for unusual wedding shoes".

happy feet on the wedding day

Wedding sneakers to fall in love with

Fine satin laces give the sneakers Kaja and Hazel a precious look. The heel caps in the colour silver and gold make the sneaker to a special companion.
If you have to take off the sneakers quickly, that’s no problem, thanks to the golden zipper. An all around successful sneaker, ideal for the wedding party.

PS: Thanks to the removable insoles, you can also use your own orthopedic insoles.

Sneaker Kaja

Width K | white/silver

Sneaker Hazel

width H | white/gold

no aching feed on wedding day

As individual as the most beautiful day in life is, so are our shoes.
Does it happen to you every now and then that a shoe is too tight? This may be because you have a slightly wider foot.

For full feet we would suggest the sneaker Kaja in the width K.

If you have an average shoe size, we recommend as a wedding shoe the sneaker Hazel in the width H.

To experience a beautiful celebration with happy feet.