Looking after your shoes

Shoes play an important role in many fairy tales like “The Red Shoes”, “Cinderella” or “Puss in Boots”. But in real life shoes also play an important role in our lives. They protect us from sharp objects and provide the perfect finish to a stylish outfit. But how can we protect our shoes? Before we send out our Solidus shoes into the world, we would like to offer their new owners a few tips on caring for them.

1st Solidus tip: Waterproof your shoes!

Before you put on your new shoes for the first time, it is important that you treat them with waterproofing spray. Napped leathers such as nubuck and suede are particularly susceptible to moisture, and waterproofing them is an important part of shoe care.

2nd Solidus tip: Removing stains

If you are unlucky enough to get stains on your shoes, then you should try and wash the stain out immediately using lukewarm water and leather soap. It is important that you wet the shoe evenly, otherwise spots will develop. After washing out the spot, you need to treat the shoe using the appropriate shoe care product. To remove stains from textile materials we recommend using a very mild detergent or even hair shampoo. Use a brush to remove the mud from nubuck & napped leather shoes. If that does not work, wipe down the shoes using a damp cloth. Try to avoid using any soap as soap leaves a residue that will damage the napped leather. After the shoe has dried, don’t forget to nap the leather again with a brush. It is best to only used patent leather care products to care for patent leather shoes as other products can damage the shoe.

3rd Solidus tip: Dry your shoes

Once you have removed the stain, allow your shoes to dry slowly. The best way to do so is to stuff your shoes with old newspapers and place them near a heat source. Never place them on a radiator because if they dry too quickly, the leather will crack.

4th Solidus tip: Look after your shoes

After your shoes have been cleaned and have dried completely, they can be treated with shoe polish. We recommend using either a transparent cream or a cream in the same color as the shoes. But remember that less is more. A thin coating is perfectly adequate, and don’t forget the leather insole and the inner side of the heel. Complete the care by polishing your shoes with a soft cloth and they will look like new again. Take care to avoid using any form of grease or wax when caring for your napped leather shoes. It is best to use special napped leather shoe sprays or special waterproofing sprays.

5th Solidus tip: Clean the insoles

If you want to freshen up your shoes, you can simply clean the insoles. Wash the insoles using a mild solution and dry them with a cloth. Do not wring the insoles out as they will become misshapen. If you want to be even more hygienic, you can simply buy a new set of insoles. At Solidus, you can re-order insoles any time.

6th Solidus tip: Change your shoes regularly

If you want to extend the lifespan of your shoes, then you need to give them a break from time to time. Shoes with leather linings are particularly prone to absorb and store moisture. Usually shoes need a break of 24 hours before they are completely dry again. If your feet are prone to excessive sweating, you should give your shoes an extra day to dry out.

7th Solidus tip: Household remedies for cleaning shoes

Don’t have any cleaning agents at hand? Not a problem! You can treat stains and spots using simple household remedies. Which of us has never had to deal with salt stains on their leather shoes in winter? But here is a tip: they can be removed relatively easily by rubbing the leather with half of an onion. If the stains are a bit more persistent, then you can use a vinegar solution to clean smooth leather and napped leather shoes. A gentle wipe with baby wipes is good for creating a special shine on smooth leather. The high level of oil in the wipes provides optimal care.