Positive energy through walking meditation can help against foot pain

Attentiveness and conscious life are notions more and more people deal with. Because nowadays in a time of abundance and consumption we realize that small things in life can make you happy.

A big topic is healthiness and a positive body sensation. The focus still is on the center of our body and because of this, courses for belly, legs and bottom, body fitness or back exercises are overcrowded or booked out for a long time. A positive body feel however starts already with healthy feet, because they are responsible for a straight walk, mobility and for a healthy back. It is astonishing that we care more about our flat belly than about our feet.

A basic practice of attentiveness is the walking meditation, which can help us to preserve our physical, mental and spiritual health.


What is walking meditation?

During walking meditation, we are aware of every step we take, where we are and where we want to be. No matter, where we are, this form of meditation can be practiced always and everywhere. In your own garden, on the way to the toilette or before bedtime. Concentrate on every step and focus your attentiveness on the contact of your feet to the ground.

At first, please touch the ground with your toes, then with your middle foot and with your heel at the end. If the foot touches the ground completely, please shift the weight forward on the foot and bend your knee. Through this weight shift, we take the focus from the back foot and detach it automatically from the floor. Now move the free rear foot in front, again with the toes, than the middle foot and the heel on the ground at the end.

Arrive in the here and now with walking meditation

Arrive in the here and now with walking meditation

Relax your body and concentrate completely on your feet, the walk and your balance. Let your arms hang down sideways. As soon as you feel comfortable with this new way of walking, you can adjust your breathing to the steps. By balancing walking and breathing into the same rhythm, you calm down your body and your soul. Through this attentiveness, you give yourself the awareness for yourself and the time you give yourself.

To integrate a walking meditation into everyday life is very easy and can help us to get into an emotional balance. Some minutes of deliberate walking can help us to earthen our energy, even when you are sad, nervous or angry.

Create a space in your everyday life, which helps you to calm down and to enjoy the quality of the moment. Discover the liberating feeling to relax in every step and no longer rushing after things. Every deliberate move and every step calm down our thoughts, which exhaust us in everyday life.


Walking meditation - some more tips:

•    Walk barefoot if possible, to feel your feet, the movement and the ground better.
•    Walk on uneven ground to train your feet and your muscles at the same time.
•    If you do your walking meditation in the morning, you can take your inner balance and the positive
      energy into your whole day.
•    If you do it in the evening, you can sleep better and calmer.
•    Imagine that flowers grow there, where your feet touch the ground. Enjoy this wonderful and
      happy though of the buddistic teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.
•    Walk upright, slow and aware!