Did You Know?

There is a lot more going in our feet than meets the eye. And that is why we have put together a small overview of interesting facts about feet and shoes.

Did you know that over the course of our lives the distance we cover on foot is approximately four times the Earth’s circumference? That corresponds to about 200 million steps or 160,000 kilometers.

Considering how many kilometers your feet cover, you should occasionally treat them to a relaxing footbath or buy them comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you for it.


Did you know that every foot contains 26 bones, which are held together by 33 joints, 107 tendons and ligaments and 19 muscles?

One quarter of the bones in the human body are in our feet.

Did you know that every second German suffers from foot problems?

When you buy shoes it is important that you focus on getting the right size and width. Shoes that are too tight are often at the root of foot problems. You should also make a note of the way you walk. If you tend to lean forward or backward while walking, this could lead to foot problems.


Did you know that you can recognize someone’s mood by the way in which they walk?

Someone who walks with springy, elastic steps is in a good mood. Someone who listlessly drags their feet is usually in a bad mood.


Did you know that when feet sweat, they smell worse than any other part of the body?

Feet secrete more sweat than any other part of the body, which is why the smell is more intense. But there is one positive aspect: your feet are pretty far away from your nose.


Did you know that your feet get bigger as you get older?

As we get older our tendons and ligaments start to slacken, making our feet both broader and wider. The best thing to do is to measure the length and width of your feet every couple of years to ensure that your shoes don’t pinch.


Did you know that up until the 18th century both men and women wore high-heeled shoes?

Almost inconceivable nowadays, isn’t it?