Active through healthy feet

An active holiday or everyday life can be so nice, when feet are healthy and happy, no matter if you are hiking through idyllic vineyards or on a sightseeing trip in historical cities. Healthy feet stand for more joy of life and also for more flexibility in activities.

Did you know that almost everybody in the world is born with two healthy feet, but approximately 80% of all adults have foot deformities? Many of these people with foot deformities like Hallux Valgus, splayfoot, hammer toes, flatfoot and so on, have problems to stay active.

To go for a longer walk with the family or an active holiday takes just place in their dreams and they surrender helpless to the real problem.

The important question for us is how people like this feel healthy despite small restrictions and get active again? Really, the wrongest thing to do is to do nothing.

In our article ‘Advices for healthy feet’, you found out everything about how to make your feet happy from the right shoe choice to chiropody and massage.

Here in this page we would like to introduce you to active exercises, which can be practiced easily at home.
Activate the self-healing forces of your body and take care of your state of mind, because it contributes significantly to feel healthy again.
We for example are very enthusiastic concerning the ‘waggle workout’. This workout can take place at home and you just need a waggle ground like e.g. a fascia roll or a golf ball. If you stand on one of these items and move back and forth a little, your muscles learn to adapt to different situations and to stabilize the foot. After some weeks, you will realize that now it is easier to walk over stick and stone and you can lead a more active lifestyle.

Here some special tricks to treat foot deformities:

Splayfoot: A well-known exercise for the splayfoot is named ‘power for the instep’. In this exercise, the fingers embrace the toes and the palm pushes against the footpad. The metatarsophalangeal joints should be bent and afterwards be withdrawn. Do this 10 times and change the foot.

Hallux Valgus: The ‘gripping exercise’ is very effective and brings a lot of fun. Put some small things like marbles on the ground and try to pick 10 to 20 pieces up and put them into a higher vessel.

Hammertoes:  To activate the cross vault building muscles, which is very important with hammertoes, try to do the exercise ‘foot octopus’. In this exercise, put half a tennis ball on the ground and surround the ball with your forefoot like an octopus. Do not try to pull up the ball, which is important.
Retry this exercise 10 times.

Some more exercises can be found on our pages about ‘foot problems’.