Our top 5 for healthy and happy feet

Our feet play a big role in life, they guide us through everyday life, provide balance and they let us explore the most beautiful places in the world. However, we pay too little attention to them.
This doesn`t have to be! With these 5 advices you will make your feet healthy and happy.

Advice 1: The importance of your foot width and foot length

Did you know that 82% of all Germans wear shoes which doesn`t really fit? This may be due to the fact that our feet are changing during life, so it is advisable to measure our feet every few years. Because not only the size, but also the width are essential for the shoe choice. If the shoes are too big, the foot slips in the shoe and the toes automatically claw together to find stability in the shoe. This cramples the foot muscles and can lead to pain in the long run. A shoe that is too small or too tight can cause bad pain and it leads to foot deformity. Bruises, blisters and redness are other disadvantages of shoes that have the wrong size.

Therefore, take a few steps with the shoe to make sure that both the size and the width of the shoes fit. Here you can read more about how to determine your shoe size and width at home.

Advice 2: Walking barefoot is healthy!

The easiest way to keep your feet healthy: If you walk barefoot sometimes.
Especially in the summer it is wonderful to walk barefoot outside. Not only our soul will love it, it also keeps us fit. Barefoot walking is healthy for tendons, muscles and the arch of the foot. It's also a great workout for your foot muscles. The barefoot walking on sand, in a meadow, or through the forest is a very nice experience and the walking on different undergrounds gives your feet the feeling of a massage.


Advice 3: Your feet need love, too - Thai yoga massage for feet

How about a wonderful massage for your stressed feet? There are around 72,000 nerve tracts in our body, which all end in our feet. With certain foot massage techniques, the reflex zones can be stimulated and this leads to relaxing and healing effects. A foot massage is also good to excrete toxins out of your body, to relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation.

Advice 4: Foot care is very good for your feet

Our feet are exposed to many dangers in everyday life. Attention there are a lot of unappetizing things that no one likes to hear, such as "nail fungus, ingrown nails, warts and corns". With regular foot care units, many of the inconveniences can be prevented, or can be treated. Regular foot care with foot creams, foot baths, or foot deodorants make your feet happy.


Advice 5: Foot Exercises are important

Even small exercises a day keep your feet healthy and fit, because the stronger the foot muscles, the lower is the probability of foot deformities. Whether running stairs, spreading / flexing toes or stretching the ankle, there are many effective exercises that will do your feet good! Especially with foot deformities such as the heel spur, Achilles heel, arthrosis, fascia, etc., exercises are a relfief to your feet.

Here you will find special foot exercises for foot deformities.