shoes for splayfeet

Splayfoot is the most commonly occurring foot problem; it is more common in women than men. In splayfeet the transverse arch of the foot is flattened and the forefoot is wider, due to splaying of the metatarsal bones. The consequences of this foot malalignment can be foot pain or the development of a hallux valgus.

How do splayfeet develop?

As with all other foot problems, wearing too tight shoes is risky. But standing for excessive periods of time, for example at work, can also lead to splayfeet. Other causes include rapid weight gain (e.g. during pregnancy) or rheumatic disease.

What can I do against splayfeet?

A pad which lifts the transverse arch can be helpful if you find walking painful. The pad is incorporated in orthopedic insoles and helps reduce pain. But it does not help strengthen the muscles of your feet. In the long run, you should strengthen the muscles with foot exercises using half of a golf ball or tennis ball.

Which shoes are best to wear for splayfeet?

When you buy shoes, be sure to focus on buying shoes which are the right size and width. All of our shoes additionally have removable insoles which can be replaced by orthotics. The Solidus product line also features comfortable shoes with insoles that include pads which are suitable for splayfeet. The elastic materials of the shoe make walking enjoyable again. Why don‘t you simply click through our collection to discover comfortable shoes which promise pleasurable walking for people with splayfeet.