Moder Hallux Valgus shoes

They really do exist! Beautiful shoes for suffering hallux valgus patients are a perfect companion for the day in the office or for shopping in the city.

For sensitive feet without seams

An original Solidus shoe is always a little comfort miracle. Soft materials are specially selected and developed with a view to the requirements for modern Hallux Valgus shoes. Due to the special concept, the Hallux shoe offers many hidden advantages that are pure wellness for the foot:

  • narrow heels offer the foot a perfect hold in the shoe
  • modern hallux shoes in different widths
  • No annoying seams that could cause pressure points
  • a removable footbed offers space for individual insoles - without slipping

New Stretch-Material make it possible

Buying hallux valgus shoes is a torture for many, because if the shoe size would fit the shoe then presses on the hallux. This is remedied by new materials that caress the foot and take the pressure off the hallux. Because this pressure is what creates the pain.

Stretch is the magic word that makes beautiful shoes possible despite hallux. A novelty is leather stretch made from high quality goatskin. The leather is glued to a stretched sub-material and then contracts with it. This results in a very soft, stretchable material that has all the advantages of normal leather.

Comfortable shoes for Hallux Valgus

With hallux valgus shoes in particular, it is important to give the pain-sensitive metatarsal bone sufficient space. Modern sneakers for hallux are the ideal solution here, because the shoe is a chic companion that is very comfortable to wear.

These shoes are also perfect for everyone who first has a slight hallux or who have to stand a lot. A lot is demanded of the feet in gastronomy, in care professions or in the event industry. Tired feet that hurt are a constant companion and the comfortable favorite shoes are worn until they fall apart.