What helps after Hallux surgery – How to get back on your feet

What helps after Hallux surgery – How to get back on your feet

Having your Hallux Valgus surgically removed should be the last resort after having attempted multiple methods of treatment. However, in many cases it is not possible to help patients otherwise. Being able to walk painlessly throughout the day is a desirable, yet hard to reach goal for Hallux Valgus patients. Post-surgery treatment is in this case at least as important as the surgery itself.
A successful Hallux Valgus treatment very much relies on a consequent shift to healthy and comfortable Hallux shoes that fit.

Depending on the magnitude of your Hallux Valgus, surgery can be a minor intervention. A sufficient condition for this minor intervention might be the inability to walk properly. The healing process also is shorter than usual in slighter instances. It is not worthwhile to wait for too long before performing a surgery, because the pain will only grow.

Hallux Valgus have two main reasons to occur: genetics and inappropriate footwear. Since there is practically nothing you can do about genetics, choosing the appropriate and fitting shoes for Hallux Valgus is critical for your well-being. The important question here is how do the right shoes distinguish themselves? The answer consists of 3 pieces. The right fit. The ability to put insoles in them. Adequate space for your forefoot. Stretch materials support your feet even further, so that stretch Hallux shoes are even more comfortable.

Hallux surgery – what comes after?

There are different methods of performing surgery on a Hallux Valgus foot. This, again, is heavily dependent on the extent of your Hallux. In less severe instances, a simple titan bolt can be enough to stabilize the bone. Curing takes four to six weeks. A special Hallux shoe has to be worn after surgery but the foot can be burdened again. The goal of any surgical intervention is that the big toe and metatarsal-bone take in their familiar position. Tendons and ligaments have to be shortened to effectively pull again.

In severer or even heavy cases of Hallux, the metatarsal-bone has to be surgically straightened. Afterwards, the foot is stabilized using titan plates. Patients usually can burden their foot relatively quickly. A special Hallux shoe is nevertheless required. Normally curing takes six to eight weeks and the titan plates are removed six months after surgery.

Thanks to modern surgery methods, it only takes a few days until the foot can be burdened again. To prevent swelling your freshly operated foot should be put up as often as possible.

Post-surgery Hallux Valgus treatment

There are also good news: it is subject to you to treat your feet well! Take your time and try different shoes. Do not buy shoes solely for looks. Check extensively which shoe is comfortable and provides enough space. Coincidentally, Solidus is an expert for these kinds of shoes and offers Hallux Valgus shoes in a plethora of different widths.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider foot gymnastics on a daily basis. This strengthens your foot bed and fortifies your foot as a whole.

A good life hack is massaging your feet with a soft tennis ball. You can do this simultaneously to other activities like cooking or brushing your teeth. Enjoy the well-being this little massage grants you. Have your tennis ball always visible at home, so that you are reminded and do not have to search for it. Well-being and healthy feet should not be taken for granted. Please take care of your feet.

Finding the right shoes after Hallux surgery

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that Hallux reformats after surgery. It is crucial and most definitely necessary for healthy feet to wear comfortable Hallux shoes. Healthiness can only be obtained by fitting comfortable shoes. Barefoot walking also helps with our previously recommended foot gymnastics. Be active and honest to yourself. Is your shoe too tight? Put it back into the shelf, even if it strongly appeals you.

Discover our selection of modern and comfortable Hallux Valgus shoes. You will not regret it. 

Step by step - Physiotherapy post Hallux OP

Give your feet time to recover and simultaneously support your convalescence through the right exercises. Take your time, exercise every day and let the success speak for itself. Whereas it might be exhausting in the beginning, pushing through is absolutely worth it. That is how your foot becomes normal again, so that you can live without any foot related inconveniences and live your life to the fullest.

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