Where does the shoe push?

Our feet are little miracles, but new dangers to our feet lurk every day. One of the biggest threats? The wrong type of shoes! Which of us has not had this the situation? We see a handsome pair of shoes and buy them a size too small because the right size has already sold out. Women are particularly prone to squeeze their feet into shoes that are too high and too tight. At one point this will probably result in more serious foot problems such as hallux valgus, heel spurs, splayfeet or more.

foot problems


60% of people suffer from foot deformities

Foot deformities are not uncommon, which makes it even more important to wear comfortable shoes and pay attention to the way we walk. Because the wrong way of walking is often directly responsible for causing hallux valgus, heel spurs, splayfeet and many other foot problems. Inferior and uncomfortable shoes can also lead to foot deformities. When shoes are too large, the foot slides around and the toes automatically claw together to try and get some purchase. This causes the muscles of the feet to tense up and can cause pain over the longer term.

Shoes which are too small can result in deformation of the toes. Over time, if feet become deformed, problems will occure; it is always important to get such problems checked out by a doctor. The most commonly prescribed aids for foot malalignments are orthopedic insoles. Individually made insoles can provide support to feet and have a positive impact on posture and locomotion. Physiotherapy can often causes miracles. Find out more about these troublesome problems and bothersome companions and how to deal with them. 

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