Widths & Fit

Have you had that experience too? You try out a pair of comfortable shoes in the shop and think they fit like a glove. After a few walks you are in for a rude awakening. The heels and the toe areas pinch, and you quickly reject what was formerly your favorite pair of shoes. Why does that happen? After all, you know your shoe size!? That could be your first mistake. A study by the German Foot Report has shown: 82% of Germans wear the wrong size shoes – too big, too small or too tight.

Comfortable shoes by Solidus with removable insole

Do you know your shoe width?

Solidus has been developing and producing high-quality comfortable shoes for decades and is known in the trade as the specialist for comfortable fits and widths. Not all feet have the same width, which is why we offer comfortable shoes in eight different widths. The shoe width is given as a letter. The higher the letter in the alphabet, the wider the width. We offer comfortable shoes with widths ranging from the narrow F width to the extra-wide W width to ensure perfect support and optimal comfort for your feet. Because for a shoe to be truly comfortable, you don’t just need the right size, you also need the correct width.

Different shoe widths ranging from narrow to extra-wide

Shoe widths F/G for narrow feet

Shoe widths H/J/K for normal to broad feet

Shoe widths M/N/W for especially broad feet

You can find out your own approximate shoe width by measuring the width of your foot at its widest point – the ball girth. It is important that you stand with both feet on the floor while measuring. If you are not sure whether you are measuring your shoe width properly, ask the shoe saleswoman to advise you or try out shoes with different widths in one of our retail shops. Click here to search for your local Solidus retailer.

The perfect fit for your feet

The top priority for us as a manufacturer of high-quality comfortable shoes is ensuring a perfect fit! It is not just the right width but also the correct size that contributes to ensuring that the shoe fits perfectly. And that is why we offer comfortable shoes in a range of different widths and half sizes – to ensure ultimate comfort during wearing. When the shoe is too big, the foot will slide around and the toes automatically bunch up to try and get a purchase. The muscles of the foot tense up and can become painful over the longer term. Shoes which are too small can lead to malformation of the toes. The benefits of perfectly fitting shoes go beyond ensuring that you will wear them longer; perfectly fitting shoes also keep your feet healthy. We use longer Velcro straps, press stud clasps and side zips to ensure that our comfortable shoes adapt optimally to the shape of individual feet and to make it easier to put the shoes on and take them off. The narrower heel section helps create the outstanding fit for which Solidus shoes are known, giving perfect support to the foot. Even if you have sensitive feet, at Solidus you will always find comfortable shoes which will adapt perfectly to your foot. Why don’t you take a peek at our latest collection?

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