A Heavenly Feeling with Our Therapeutic & Prophylactic Shoes

Our therapeutic and prophylactic shoes offer ultimate comfort to sensitive feet. At Solidus, our comfort shoes feature a modern, sporty look, with an outstanding finish, giving optimal value for money. Whether they are comfortable shoes for diabetics or for rheumatic feet, we have made it our business to help the wearers of our shoes walk and stand without pain. To do this, we use soft leathers on the uppers, seamless materials and a specially padded shaft. Extra comfortable shoes like the “Therapo” are absolute problem solvers which offer perfect support for people with serious foot problems. You can additionally replace our removable insoles with your own orthopedic insoles for improved walking comfort.

Solicare Soft – Comfortable shoes for sensitive feet

The comfortable Solicare Soft shoes are an effective solution for particularly sensitive feet. Solicare Soft is the right choice for especially sensitive feet, for example diabetic feet or feet with malformations such as hallux valgus (bunions), splayfoot, claw and hammer toes. Solidus produces many comfortable shoes in this product line, using stretch materials which have the advantage of ensuring that the shoe adapts perfectly to fit the foot, preventing pressure points. There are no seams in any of the critical areas and there is even extra padding. The lining is made of microfiber materials, making it easy to wipe away blood or sweat. Are you looking for shoes you can wear with orthotics? Then you have come to the right place. Solidus offers comfortable shoes in a range of sizes and widths with removable insoles.

Highly flexible materials are used in Solicare Soft shoes. Ideal for foot malalignments such as hallux valgus

Characteristics of our prophylactic and Solicare Soft shoes at a glance

Construction: A huge range of different widths with narrower heels to ensure the best fit. Depending on the width, different sizes are available which factor in the different thicknesses of orthopedic insoles up to a thickness of about 10 mm.

Lining: Microfiber materials meet the most stringent demands with regard to appearance and wearing comfort. This soft, antiseptic, breathable and washable material is used for the lining of our Solicare Soft comfort shoes. To prevent ulcerations and improve healing, there are no irritating seams.

Footbed: The footbeds with their natural cork support have a forefoot cushion and a lunalastic shock absorber in the heel area. The footbed has a microfiber cover.

Shaft design: Comfort shoes have a fully padded shaft to protect against pressure points around the ankle.

Uppers: Only selected, high-quality leathers such as vitello calf, soft calf, suede and nubuck are used.

Outer soles: Comfortable air-cushion soles made of either PU or TR.

Would you like to wear comfortable shoes which offer both functionality and style? Then take a look at our top models.

shoe for hallux valgus