The Quality of the Materials

A shoe’s quality is often not visible at first glance, but it can be felt at every step. Solidus shoes ensure unrivalled comfort through their craftsmanship, their choice of materials, and the many years’ experience which goes into their design. The company’s comfortable shoes are manufactured by hand in a complex production process which combines superb designs with top-quality materials. There is a rule of thumb that the greater the amount of leather used to produce a comfortable shoe, the better the quality of the final product will be. In most of our shoes we do not just use leather for the uppers and the lining but also for the insole.

Best quality leathers

We set great store by the quality of the materials we use for our shoes. We only use selected high-quality leathers for the uppers and the lining of our comfortable shoes. In addition to fantasy leathers, our range of leathers include vitello calf, soft calf, suede and nubuck. For our orthopedic shoes we use microfiber – a new and versatile high-tech material. Whether it is used for the lining, as a cover sole or as a cover for the footbed, microfiber materials meet the most stringent demands with regard to appearance and wearing comfort. In addition to its soft texture, it is breathable, antiseptic and washable.

Top-quality robust leather for our comfort shoes

Highest standards of manufacture

When choosing our materials we do not just focus on using top-quality materials, we also pay attention to how they are manufactured. The leathers used in our comfortable shoes have been gently tanned, making them particularly kind to your skin and feet. Traditional construction techniques coupled with the use of modern technology guarantee first-class workmanship and the proverbially incomparable wearing comfort typical for all Solidus comfort shoes, giving you great value for money.