Removable Insoles

Are you looking for the right shoes to wear with orthotics? Then with Solidus you have come to the right place, because whether they are mules, sandals or boots, all shoes by Solidus have removable insoles. This lets you use your own orthotics with your choice of shoe. Solidus insoles are designed according to the ergonomic principles used for anatomical footbeds and manufactured in a range of different sizes and widths. The leather-covered insoles are breathable and the cork provides excellent support for the longitudinal and transversal arches of the foot. The insoles have been carefully finished and manufactured for an anatomically correct fit. They support the foot where necessary and take the load off the foot in the right places. The heel section contains an integrated lunalastic shock absorber. This is especially helpful for people suffering from heel spurs, as it lessens the heel pain. Shock absorbing padding in the forefoot area takes some of the pressure off the ball of the foot and the metatarsal heads of the foot. For ½ or ¾ size orthopedic insoles, we have solved the forefoot problem for the sandal designs Lia, Fabia und Moni by using a cover sole with a forefoot pad to compensate for the difference in size. Shoes designed for diabetics use microfiber insoles which have antibacterial properties and can be easily washed.

Breathable, leather-covered insoles with padding in the forefoot and heel areas to support your joints

Comfortable and functional shoe soles

Treat yourself and your feet to something special. For decades, Solidus has been a byword for comfortable shoes with a great feel-good factor. The high-quality materials of our air-cushioned soles offer a softer walking experience which is easier on the joints. This helps prevent troublesome pressure points. The Solidus collection uses different types of outsoles which ensure that you are ready for anything:

PU soles are characterized by their good shock-absorbing properties. They are also extremely hardwearing, light, flexible, and abrasion-resistant.
Rubflex soles are as light as PU soles and can be treated with a range of finishes, allowing for interesting color shades, particularly with light-colored soles.
Duo-PU soles
incorporate compact materials in the forefoot and heel areas which significantly increase the soles’ non-slip properties in wet weather.
TR und TPS soles are ideal for rainy days due to their anti-skid properties.

Comfortable air-cushioned soles, PU soles and TPS soles for a perfect fit