Solidus – totally friendly for employees

For us our employees are the main part of the company and we show this in all ways! Below the appreciative dealing and the familiar working our employees feel very well due to special family models. For all children of our Solidus Team we offer places like company’s kindergarden and for the parents a special flex time model so that life after maternity time will be as easy as possible. Drinks are for free as well as season fruits which is very well accepted.
The Solidus offices have been renovated completely in the beginning of 2018. Every employee received new furniture for their offices for example high quality ergonomic chairs.
In addition Solidus pays regularly in social-, heath- and pension assurances for all their employees and also for medical examinations which were done by a company ordered doctor. There are also some benefits for example for buying an e-bike, special computer glasses or for Sodidus, Berkemann and Marc shoes.
With two events per year, our summer party and the Christmas party, all employees always celebrate the good cooperation. Such joint activities outside of work lead to a good social cohesion even in leisure time and make our events to something very special!
Not just in our home town Tuttlingen our Solidus employees feel very well, we also care for them in Croatia. So our team in Croatia works under fair and save conditions.

The special team spirit

With Solidus, a long-term employment is not uncommon. So some employees have been with Solidus since their training over 40 years ago.
This makes us very happy and it shows that our employees feel well here. You can feel the familiar climate not just at the workplace also in joint activities. Two times a week, our employees organize a sportive workout like yoga or different ways of strength training, to create new energy to manage the day.

Every employee adds with personality, skills and talents something for the overall performance of the company. Friendly contact is not only inside the company important, also in communication with our customers. We only have high expectations to our Solidus shoes and care about them with lots of love.

Always there for you

Our claim is the highest level of customer satisfaction, so our field service is at your disposal. Whether at a personal meeting, telephone call or via e-mail - we are looking forward to getting to know you. Here you can contact us.

Our Sales Service Team