Solidus – employee-friendly through and through

In the case of working families, there is often talk of a “balancing act” between job and child. We at Solidus cannot remove this “balancing act” by magic, but we have made it our business to make it as pleasant as possible. As a family-friendly company, the mothers and fathers of the Solidus family are very important to us ❤.

"When executives live the compatibility of work and family themselves, they also show that family friendliness is anchored and wanted in corporate culture."

Our Solidus managing director Yvonne Breinlinger-Scheuring is a mother of two and shows how to get family and job under one roof. Because she is a mother herself, she understands the needs of employees with children exactly and tries to create the best possible combination of family and job in everyday life.

Paid special leave and flexible vacation planning at the birth of the child (for the Solidus fathers)

The first time after the birth is particularly important to establish a strong bond. A new family member first throws the otherwise structured everyday life into confusion. Our fathers receive special paid leave for this very special time. In addition, the vacation for the fathers can be flexibly adjusted to the due date in consultation with a substitute.

Flexible working time models

We see flexible working hours as very helpful in family life, as many care facilities have fixed opening times - and are therefore exactly the opposite of what many parents need for a relaxed daily routine. We always try to find the best possible solutions with our employees, which is why we offer the following models:

• Flexible part-time models
• Depending on the workload, the return from part-time to full-time
• Management position also part-time

Understanding at all times

There it is again, the nasty cough, the high fever or corona and the parents worried. We fully understand if our employees need some time in this phase to organize care for your child, or if they want to be there for the child themselves. If there is overtime, it is possible to reduce it. As long as the conditions allow, there is also the possibility of going to the home office. The health of our employees and the health of their children is our top priority.

Special exemptions

The daycare center is on strike, the last two school hours are canceled or there is a pandemic. This is exactly where you can recognize a family-friendly employer. In general, the employee must always agree with the manager in advance whether it is possible to take a child to work in an emergency. It is important to us to provide the parents with relief in such exceptional cases by allowing them to take the children with you to work if childcare has been canceled at short notice and no new one can be organized.

What else makes us a family-friendly company?

• Vacation for important family events such as school enrollment or an important appearance.
• Family-friendly events such as the family summer festival.
• We work together with a daycare center near the Solidus workplace and help find childcare places.

Out of sight out of mind?

Not with us! Employees who are on parental leave are also invited to summer parties and Christmas parties. We think it's very important to keep in touch and we look forward to it when employees visit us during parental leave. Gladly also with the youngsters.