Highlights Spring/Summer 21

Feeling good … taking things LIGHTLY! The spirit of the new Solidus collection conveys the sense of freedom we all long for. In summer 2021, Solidus is like a beautiful day by the sea: new colours, materials and styles convey serenity and joie de vivre. Sustainability and fashion do not have to be mutually exclusive.  From super light Solilight sneakers, to stretchy Solicare Soft models, to stylish plateau-sandal models, the Spring/Summer collection is in top form: both stylish and functional.

Solilight - Hyle und Kyle

Fashionable sneakers with removable insoles

The brand-new stylish sneaker models “Hyle” and “Kyle” in H and K widths are an absolute highlight of the collection. What makes these sneakers extra special is concealed in the extremely light “Soli Light” outsoles. The new sole has a honeycomb structure in the forefoot of the shoe to create a natural, super-soft, shock-absorbing system. The supple footbed with flexible foam under the outer covering guarantees the highest levels of walking comfort. With their soft cowhide lining and natural finish, Hyle und Kyle are year-round comfortable yet stylish companions.

High quality shoe leather
Light sneaker with removable footbed

Solilight Hyle & Kyle
Width H & K | blue

Fashionable and lightweight sneaker with side zip

        Solilight Kyle
        width K | beige

Very light Sneaker in the colout beige

Solilight Hyle
Width H | beige

Blue sneaker super comfortable, sneakers perfect for city strolls

        Solilight Kyle
        Width K | blue

Comfortable white sneaker with side zip

Solilight Kyle
Width K | white

Solicare Soft with leather-stretch

Fashionable sneakers with removable insoles

The high-quality stretch leather which will be debuted in the Solicare Soft range in the coming season offers relief to sensitive feet. The exclusive, highly elastic leather (goatskin suede) adapts perfectly to fit the foot, preventing painful pressure points and absorbing much of the impact when walking.
The leather stretch is not visible at first glance and is therefore perfect for modern women with sensitive feet. Even with misaligned feet, you will experience incomparable comfort, as the leather is easy to stretch. A little advice: There are also special stretch care sprays on the market to maintain the breathability and elasticity of leather stretch.

Ugly sole, chunky sole and soft leather stretch

     Heaven SOLIKNIT
     Width H | multicolour

black sneaker with Ugly sole

Solicare Soft Kea
Width K | black

     Width K | black/brown

Greta – Adorable sandals and mules

Comfortable mules by Solidus with replaceable footbed

The new Greta range of G-width sandals and mules, available in eye-catching colours and stylish prints, are real lookers. The trendy footbed with its 5 mm rise on the side of the collar is completely new. With adjustable Velcro fasteners and colourfully updated basics, this range has something for everyone. The PU plateau sole encourages the natural rolling motion of the foot and provides wonderful support.Natural sustainable

Red leather pattern
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Platform mules with braided pattern

     Width G | red

Brown sandal with removable footbed

Width G | brown

brown sandal with removable footbed

Width G | brown

Red sandal with removable footbed

Width G | red

black sandal with removable footbed

Width G | black