Solidus Novelties

Solidus starts the autumn/winter season with stylish sneakers. With optical highlights and functional comfort, the shoes are the perfect companion for everyday wear. But the most important is that you are happy and radiate that feeling too. That’s what the Love of comfort shoes is all about. Look forward to our new Solidus sneakers and Soliknit sneakers that leave nothing to be desired:


Comfortable shoes by Solidus bring you pleasantly through the summer

The SOLIKNIT is a step ahead in terms of comfort

Inspired by typical sports styles the clear design lines give Soliknit a fresh and modern look. Different knitted fabric zones provide freedom of movement and provide support where necessary. The super-light and air-permeable material adapts perfectly to the foot. The leather-lining gives a comfortable environment for your feet. The flexible upper collar and the air-cushion sole gives stability and highest walking comfort.

Super light and comfortable. The Solidus sneaker Soliknit
Black Sneaker by Solidus which ist wonderfull on hot days

Weite H | black/gold

Lady shoe black/silver perfect for warm summer days

Weite H | black/silver

Solidus Sneaker

sneaker with zipper by Solidus

FEEL GOOD - with the new sneaker group Kaja

Sneakers are just the absolute megatrend! Whether at leisure or in the office, the stylish sneakers give any outfit a casual look. This season you can look forward to a stylish collection with various colors and patterns, which reflect the perfect summer feeling. The shoes in width K convince not only with their narrow heel, but also with the fashionable platform sole. A real highlight is the lettering "FEEL GOOD" on the back of the light grey sneaker.

The new Sneaker Hazel in nightblue
Comfortable Sneaker with platform sole by Solidus

Sneaker Kaja
Weite K | black

Solidus Sneaker Hazel in nightblue

Sneaker Kaja
Weite K | nightblue

Shoe by Solidus in the color dark blue

Sneaker Kaja
Weite K | anthrazit