Solicare Soft - Prophylaxe

Finally free of pain and go again! The Solicare Soft Segment by Solidus offers particularly comfortable shoes that can cope with almost any foot problem. Whether hallux valgus, splayfoot, diabetic foot or just the need for a particularly comfortable shoe, many features of comfort shoes make your everyday life easier. Look forward to soft materials, no annoying seams, antibacterial microfiber lining and much more. Of course, you can also take out the insoles on these models and use orthopedic insoles.

Therapeutic and prophylactic shoes – walking without pain

The high-quality finish of the therapeutic and prophylactic shoes by Solidus offer the highest wearing comfort for sensitive feet. If you are looking for prophylactic shoes for diabetic or rheumatic feet, you have come to the right place. The Solicare Soft product line was specially adapted to pamper diabetic feet. The specially cushioned Therapo comfort shoes are an absolute problem solver and are excellently suited for patients with serious foot problems. The collar with its extra padding, the soft uppers and the seamless material of these special shoes help prevent pressure points. The therapeutic and prophylactic shoes promote the healing of your feet and will allow you to stand and walk again without pain. Another advantage is that the comfort shoes have removable insoles which can be replaced by your own orthopedic insoles. Both the insoles and the lining are coated with microfiber foam, making them washable and breathable. Did you know that some German health insurance companies will let you charge the cost of some of our prophylactic shoes to them? Find a nice selection of shoes and their aid code numbers here .

Solicare Soft – Gentle Support for Sensitive Feet

Solicare Soft shoes are excellently suited to sensitive feet. There are no seams in any of the critical areas, ensuring that you will go through your day without experiencing pressure points. The comfortable shoe even features additional padding in specific areas. Stretch materials are used in some shoe models of the Solicare Soft product line. People with malformations of the foot such as hallux valgus (bunions), splayfeet, claw or hammer toes, and people with diabetic feet will enjoy the comfortable feeling of wearing this shoe, as it adapts perfectly to fit the foot. The microfiber lining of Solicare Soft shoes keeps the shoes hygienic. Sweat or bloodstains can be easily washed away. As with all shoes by Solidus, the Solicare Soft shoes have removable insoles which can be replaced by your own orthopedic insoles. Do you want to find out more about the design of our therapeutic and prophylactic shoes and about Solicare Soft? Then click here for more details.