Shoes for wide feet

Boots and shoes for wide feet

Probably everyone knows his/her own shoe size. However, how many of you are able to tell the actual size which they need for their shoe? Thereby, it is important to choose a shoe, which fits perfectly.


Gradually the feet get wider and the reasons can be very different. Too much movement, overweight, a sign of old age – flat- and splayfeet are some of the possible ramifications. That means the feet get wider as time goes by.


Nevertheless, there is positive news: you can prevent the deformation of your feet with shoes, which fit well, but the discernment often comes too late.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop a subsidence of the food arch because of its natural causes. There is no need for you not to wear fancy shoes, even if you have wide feed and it does not have to be the impact of a medical disease also. Many people just have wide feet without a reason. Tight shoes can be a reason for them to suffer a lot of pain and therefore they should shun them consequently. Otherwise, long-term consequences can be foot deformities, for example Hallux valgus and Digitus malleus.  


There are already shoes witch fit even wide feet properly. They are available in different models and beautiful colors. For women with wide feet we have sandals and sneakers in modern variations starting with width k. Just measure your wide feet and search for your comfortable woman’s shoe.