Men's shoes

What distinguishes a good men's shoe? First-class leather, fashionable workmanship and comfortable running comfort. With Solidus you get all this, with the additional possibility to choose between different widths and use your own insoles. This season, you can look forward to practical, as well as functionally cut lace-up shoes and ankle boots. Whether in the classic color black, in the chic color blue or in an autumnal brown, here you will find the perfect shoe for your foot.

Men’s shoes combine comfort and fashion

Are you the type of man who tends to think about shoes as means to an end? Or do you like to wear shoes that are comfortable but modern? It doesn’t matter what type of shoe wearer you are, this is where you will discover men’s shoes which will entirely win you over in terms of both style and functionality. Whether you are looking for narrow shoes or extra wide shoes – Solidus offers a fantastic range of designs for almost every foot requirement. Enjoy the comfort of shoes by Solidus – which combine comfort with fashion.

A perfect fit for all men’s shoes

What do you prefer? Chic sneakers, light sandals or elegant lace-up half boots? All of our men’s shoes share one thing in common: their perfect fit and top quality! Our men’s shoes are available in a range of different widths. Whatever width you need, from narrow to extra wide, you will always find the right shoe for your feet. But you can play around with more than just the width: you also have a choice of lengths. We offer all men’s shoes in half-sizes, which ensures perfect wearing comfort. Using special orthopedic insoles is also not a problem, as all shoes by Solidus have removable insoles.

Finest materials and workmanship

Only carefully selected, high-quality leathers are used for our comfortable shoes. Footbeds are manufactured using cushioning polyurethane foam and a forefoot cushion, allowing you to experience unparalleled walking comfort. In our latest collection you will find a range of stylish men’s shoes, from lace-up half-boots to sandals. Come back from your walks with fresh enjoyment.